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 Apartments for sale in Odessa Ukraine. Odessa apartments for Sale.

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INVESTORS GROUP real estate company Odessa Ukraine

Company on real estate in Odessa,Ukraine
"INVESTORS GROUP", will qualitatively give you all complex
Professional services in sphere of operations with real estate and investment
Projects in the market of real estate of a city of Odessa and the Odessa area: sale -
buy, rent, exchange, moving, realization of investment projects

"INVESTORS GROUP" real estate company in Odessa,Ukraine it is successful and it is mutually advantageous cooperates with many building companies of a city which have successfully met world financial crisis, and successfully erect inhabited multiroom complexes in different areas of our city, pleasing inhabitants of Odessa, city visitors and the potential investors, wishing to buy for itself apartment in Odessa in the new modern house.
 INVESTORS GROUP represents interests of sellers and buyers in the real estate market; Carries out legal support of operations with real estate Odessa Ukraine;  Assists by preparation and registration of necessary documents; Carries out the marketing analysis and monitoring of the market of real estate Odessa Ukraine;
 Spends an expert estimation of real estate, including the ground areas, makes an independent estimation of vehicles, the equipment, the ground areas of nonagricultural appointment, complete property complexes.

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 Odessa – the port city on the northwest coast of the Black Sea. It is the third largest city of Ukraine after Kiev and Kharkov, the main industrial, cultural, transport, scientific and resort center of Northern Black Sea Coast.
 Climate of Odessa moderate and continental and rather dry. The quantity of sunny days in a year exceeds 290. Summer long and hot with an average temperature about 25 °C.


INVESTORS GROUP Company -  provide full services for Real Estate Odessa,Ukraine.

• Commercial and investment offers for investors in Odessa and the ODESSA area; 
• Computer selection of variants of objects of real estate, with use of all information database of the company, for purchase or rent; 
• information-advisory services in registration of the preliminary agreement on intentions of the conclusion of the basic contract of purchase and sale of object of real estate or the lease contract; 
• the Coordination of conditions of the basic contract — purchase and sale contracts (donations, rent) object of real estate between the seller of the given object and the buyer; 
• the Tentative estimation of the objects of real estate chosen by the customer; 
• Stock-taking of establishing documents necessary the right to object of real estate; 
• Advertising of objects offered for sale; 
• Legal support of transactions; 
• Control over performance of obligations between the seller of object of real estate and the buyer;
• Organizational also it is information - advisory work on preparation for the conclusion of transactions of purchase and sale of objects of real estate;
• Granting of premises and corresponding conditions for negotiation between clients. 
• Building and repair "on a turn-key basis" objects of real estate of any class and level, commissioning of houses and objects of commercial real estate, transfer of objects of real estate from inhabited appointment in uninhabited fund, privatization of the ground areas in a city and area;
• Granting of objects of real estate, apartments or houses of different level and the price, for rent;

 Odessa Ukrainian property from Real Estate Company — operator Round of Ukraine

The main objective of our activity — as much as possible to reduce terms of search and realization of objects of real estate of different scale — from small apartments and offices, houses in a city and area, private villa houses and private residences, to operating industrial complexes and factories, and investment projects in Odessa and  ODESSA area.