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                            SALE OR BUY HOUSE IN ODESSA UKRAINE

Sale and Buy houses and villa in Odessa,Ukraine -  one of the basic directions, in a segment of rendering services in real estate, by the INVESTORS GRUP company. With us it is favorable also to owners of these property, and buyers. On our website only those houses and villas, which are in sale at the prices, coordinated with owners of these property. You doubt the price? Call the employee of the company or submit the application specified in the description of the Odessa house or villa in Ukraine.

The rule of the company – the price of Odessa real estate property is established from owners, without any additional extra charges. Our services – a subject for discussion with you

Real estate in Odessa, Ukraine

We know the real estate market of Odessa and Region, for sale  house or villa. Its features and price range which directly depends on the  district of the Odessa city , location offered, to sale  houses and villas. The wide experience of work, on rendering services accompanied by deal with sale  houses of different price range, allows us to execute qualitatively your order on search, necessary for you, villa, houses, home, or a townhouse, to giving both in Odessa Ukraine, adjacent to the city.

Sale luxury houses, villas, townhouses in Odessa,Ukraine.

In our catalog on sale of houses and villas in Odessa Ukraine: provided: luxury houses, villas, townhouses, dachas, cottages at the sale prices, below the existing prices, on similar objects in districts of the Odessa city and area. The decision on sale reduction of price, accept directly owners of the sale houses, townhouses and dachas, on a number of the personal circumstances.

To buy the house in Odessa - it is favorable. Odessa - the highest rate of investment appeal in Ukraine. Or to buy the house in Odessa region, close suburb of Odessa, to 10 km from the city, in the large cottage settlements or rather large villages and settlements located in the suburb of the city.

Luxury House for Sale in Odessa

Luxury House Sale Odessa,Ukraine.
Luxury real estate for sale in Odessa Ukraine

We sale luxury house in Odessa, Ukraine: 2 floors and 3 levels. Total area of the house: 720 sq.m.Total rooms:7 Bedroom: 5. Bathrooms: 4. Area of the land plot: 900 sq.m. pool - 100 sq.m. Garage on 2 jeeps

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New house sale in Odessa

Sale New House in Odessa Ukraine
Odessa Ukraine sale new house

Sale New construction House, with furniture in Odessa Ukraine, in resort part of the city of Odessa, around 16 stations of the Big fountain. Total area house: 343 square meters.  Total land plot area house :820 square meter. 2 floors, 3 levels, 6 rooms, 4 bedrooms

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Odessa Luxury Villa For Sale 3

Sale 3 bedroom Holiday Villa House in Odessa.
luxury Villa sale in Odessa for Holiday.

7 room, 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom Holiday villa in Odessa . villa area - 262 square meters. Lend  area - 400 square meters. Villa house is located in Odessa to Ukraine, in the first line from the sea and a beach. There is a separate exit to the Black Sea. The territory is protected. This place with clean, sea air and a fine landscape on sea harbor in Odessa.

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Sale Odessa Luxury Villa 6

5-Bedroom Luxury Villa Sale in Odessa Ukraine
Sale 5 bedroom Villa in Odessa

We offer to sale  Villa House in Odessa Ukraine, with 5 separate bedrooms with a ground. In the prestigious district of the city, on the Big fountain.Ideally for business and accommodation.

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Sale Odessa Luxury Villa House 1

8 bedroom Luxury Villa House for sale in Odessa
Sale Ukraine property in Odessa - Villa.

Sale Luxury Villa house  in Odessa Ukraine, a total area of 1585 sq. m, with all relying services, subsidiary premises, a wine cellar, kitchen, sports hall with the sports equipment with a view of the sea, guest premises and many other things, located on a site, the area of 1718sq.m .


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Odessa House for Sale

8 rooms 4 bedroom luxury House for sale in Odessa Ukraine.
Nice house sale Odessa Ukraine.

8 rooms, 4 bedrooms house in Odessa Ukraine. It is offered to sale modern 3 -  floor 4 -  level the house, a total area of 400 sq. m, with two terraces, located on a site, the area of 10 hundred parts, near to the sea, around 16 stations of the Big Fountain.

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Buy Luxury House Odessa

Luxury House in Odessa Ukraine, 6 room 5 bedrooms

It is offered for buy,luxury house in Odessa, new modern 3 -  level the house in classical style executed on individual design - to the project, with qualitative European-quality repair, the total floor space of 569 sq. m, located on a site the area of 7 hundred parts

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House for Sale Odessa Region

5 room 4 bedroom House
Odessa region house sale

Three of four "townhouses" executed under the German project and with German quality, the total floor space of 210 sq. m everyone, has 2 - a floor 3 - and level. Townhouses are in 3 km from the city of Odessa in village of Big Dalnik, Beljaevsky area, the Odessa area which Odessa - Izmail-Reni takes place along a line.  

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House for Sale in Odessa

4 room 3 bedroom House for sale in Odessa

The modern two-storeyed house with repair, the total floor space of 110 sq. m, located on a site, the area of 1,8 hundred parts, around street Lvovskaya, near to the sea and beaches of 13 stations of the Big Fountain is offered to sale. 

$235000 | -

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Sale Houses in Odessa

House with 4 bedroom Odessa Sale

House Sale in Odessa. Two-storeyed, three-level house, 2009  years construction. Total area of the house of the 300  square meter, area of the land plot of the 500 square meter. 

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Sale House in Odessa,Seaside area

Odessa Seaside area House for Sale.

5 room 4 bedroom house for Sale in Odessa. The two-storeyed three-level modern house, the total floor space of 270 sq. m, located on a site, the area of 350 sq.m.

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Sale Lux Vip House in Odessa Ukraine

Lux House Sale in Odessa Ukraine for Vip customer

Lux House  on Kostandi Street in Odessa Ukraine. The total area of the house is 771 square meters, 2 floors, 8 rooms, 4 bedrooms. Area of the land plot 2600 square meters.

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