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For Sale $390,000.00 - Commercial property
6300 sq.m Print

Commercial property in Odessa region production base for sale, total area  6300 sq.m.

We suggest you to consider the offer for   commercial  real estate property in Odessa  Region : Land sale.

A geographical arrangement of a property.Odessa Region Beljaevsky area village Nerubajsky. Total area of  6300 sq.m
1. A geographical arrangement of a site:
The Odessa area Beljaevsky area village Nerubajsky.
Odessa – one of the main economic centers of Ukraine with the population more than one million, is located in the country southwest on the coast of Black sea, includes the largest seaport, the developed industry, a kurortno-recreational complex, transport, financial and a social infrastructure. The arrangement of Odessa at a crossroads of important transport and water highways, social structure of a city, every year and at the moment serves as the investitsionno most-attractive city.

2. Remoteness of the offer from transport knots, to:
• the cities of Odessas – 4,5 km;
• district road — 0,35 km;
• the bridge of a line Odessa-Kiev – 2,5 km;
• the customs terminal – 3,7 km;
• seaport Odessa — 16 km;
• seaport Southern — 38 km;
• seaport Ilyichevsk — 31 km;
• the airport Odessa-18 km;
• the industrial market «7km» — 12 km;
• Kiev – 480 km;
• Nikolaev – 148 km;
• Donetsk – 745 km;

Frontier check points:
• with. Kuchurgan (border of Ukraine and Dnestr Moldavian Republic) – 73 km;
• Reni (border of Ukraine and Romania) – 290 km;
3. The site total floor space, availability of structures:
On a site of 0,63 hectares (6300 sq.) are located:
— Shop, premises and canopies the total floor space of 1800 sq. m (under reconstruction);
— A building of protection of 60 sq.m.
The site is protected by a concrete fence, has two independent entrances
The site is free from green plantings.

4. Availability of communications:
Electricity 220/380 In;
Natural gas in 5 m from border of a site of 0,63 hectares.
5. A relief:
The equal.
6. Pattern of ownership and a special-purpose designation:
Private ownership.
On all buildings and structures which are located on sites – the certificate on an ownership right.
On a site of 0,63 hectares — the state act on an ownership right, a special-purpose designation – for production base.
7. The offered price:
Considering a favourable geographical site of offered objects of real estate on the areas and availability of communications, access roads and lines Odessa-Kiev-SANKT-PETERBURG, affinity of a city, and also availability the right of establishing documents to an ownership right to the ground area and structures, and, considering that is planned to remove all for city boundaries of Odessa!!! Industrial and production enterprises:
The offered price:

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