«7 Pearl» Odessa French Boulevard

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For Sale Call - Apartments in New Houses

Sale new Apartment on Odessa French Boulevard in new House «7 Pearl»

Apartment Sale in new house «Seventh Pearl» in Odessa Ukraine,French Boulevard.

New House complex «Seventh Pearl» is located in the picturesque and prestigious corner of Odessa — French Boulevard.
Beautiful sea, golden beaches, an abundance of greenery — batanichesky located near Garden City, made this truly a paradise in the Black Sea. Therapeutic sea air will benefit your health.
«Seventh Pearl» — a 22-storey building single-section. So here especially taking into account all measures seismic construction of such buildings. The house is equipped with fire protection.
The complex consists of 1-2-3-room apartments in different sizes and layouts. Architects was chosen optimal design principle of apartments in order to be able, if necessary, taking into account the possibility of an open-plan, merge, reverse engineer, integrate apartment. The whole complex is designed to meet modern standards and current best practices in dealing with architectural and spatial appearance of the building and its flawless reliability. Aluminum windows, ventilated front — that will keep your house intact for a long time. The building is equipped with low-noise high-speed elevators of the new generation.
For residents of the house on the first floor will be located a number of commercial properties that are required for maintenance of the complex, such as an office attendant doctor who at any time be able to provide first aid. The presence of a pharmacy. Spacious hall, where residents will be able to just sit at home with your guests and have a coffee. Professional hour security area of the housing complex, video surveillance around the apartment complex, both within and across the local area.

Floors: 22 floors
The number of residential floors: 21 (2-22 floors)
1st floor: offices, shopping center, shops, salons, etc.
Number of apartments: 194
Number of Units: 1
Monolith-frame house filled with aerated concrete walls
Seismic resistance: 8 points
Foundation: Monolithic concrete grillage on piles.

The facade of the building:
— Ground floor, Porch: European manufacturer of granite;
— First floor: Solid hinged facade, granite;
— Second to fifth floor: Solid hinged facade, granite;
— The fifth-last stage: rock wool insulation (basalt slab), the facade of a wet Henkel, silicone topcoat (basic principle — the preservation and improvement of vapor transmission from the inside to the outside space).

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