Real Estate Services in Odessa, Ukraine.

Real Estate Services for Buyers in Odessa and the South of Ukraine

Primary activity of the real estate company INVESTORS GROUP in Odessa and the South of Ukraine is competent providing to the client of a full range of information and advisory services in all operations with the real estate (purchase, sale, rent; design, construction, repair and design; insurance of the real estate; real estate assessment; legal services) different category in Odessa and the South of Ukraine.
Enters into group on the real estate company INVESTORS GROUP in Odessa Ukraine

1. INVESTORS GROUP real estate agency in Odessa and the South of Ukraine.

We offer:
* offers sale apartments in new buildings of Odessa and the suburb, at the prices and conditions from the construction companies builders, without  commissions at 0% of services to intermediaries. We cooperate ONLY with construction companies which REALLY FULFILL the undertaken contractual obligations before investors (buyers) on terms and conditions of delivery of housing estates in operation, according to the Contract;
* the existing offers on sale and rent of objects of the residential real estate in Odessa and the South of Ukraine, in particular: on apartments, houses, villa houses, land plo. On all offers on real estate property in Odessa Ukraine on the website the prices are established by owners of this real estate property;
* offers on the commercial real estate of different category, from offices, shops and restaurants and to the operating enterprises and the factory;
* favorable offers on land plot of commercial appointment, for construction of the commercial real estate (warehouse complexes, the plants and the enterprises, hotels) near Odessa and along the coast of the Black Sea;
* the operating farms in Odessa region and the South of Ukraine with different acreage of agricultural purpose;
* investment projects and offers which are real for realizing in Odessa or in the south of Ukraine;
full legal support of deal with the real estate property, from display of an object and before notarial signing of the relevant Contract as in Odessa and the South of Ukraine;
* information and advisory, legal and organizational services in preparation of necessary documents of title for notarial signing of any contract on alienation or rent of real estate objects;
* existence and verification of documents for the real estate, competency of the conclusion and signing of Contracts by the participating parties of the deal, according to the current legislation of Ukraine;
* lawyer protection in courts of Ukraine of different instances, in cases of the disputes connected with the real estate;
* control of observance by the signer parties of the obligations under the Contract;
* assessment of the real estate of any category across all Ukraine;
* insurance of the residential real estate, all types of insurance;

2. Building company INVESTORS GROUP

* we operate projects;
* we will coordinate and receive all allowing documentation;
* construction of facilities of any complexity;
* engineering works.
We will to carry out and we provide:
1. Completeness  a complex of engineering, project, construction works: we develop the project documentation; we bind the concept of projects which are developed by foreign designers to conditions and requirements of the state construction norms of the country.
2. Obtaining all permissions and coordination.
3. Optimization and receiving specifications.
4. Examination of projects.
5. Carrying out, we project engineering researches.
6. We prepare documentation for tenders.
7. Construction, design and repair of real estate objects.
8. We put objects in operation.
Our experience of design and construction of categories of objects:
* inhabited private houses;
* high-rise housing apartment estates;
* Shopping centers ;
* hotel complexes;
* transport and logistic centers;
* social facilities;
* objects of industrial function.
Mission of the company real estate INVESTORS GROUP in Odessa Ukraine:
* it is competent and mutually advantageous to render the service to the client connected with purchase or rent in Odessa and the South of Ukraine. ODESSA, our favourite city!
The motto Odessa real estate company  INVESTORS GROUP  in Ukraine:
We will create the future together!