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About Us

Our Real Estate  Odessa Ukraine Company

The company of real estate in Odessa Ukraine  «INVESTORS GROUP» — a professionals staff in sphere of rendering of services on sale or buy real estate property in Odessa and Region since 2003. Experience of employees of the company in the given sphere and positive responses of clients, gives the chance to company «INVESTORS GROUP» to have the big base of objects of the real estate offered on sale: apartments, houses, sites, commercial real estate and the offer under investment projects, only from owners of the given real estate. In our base more than 500 offers for sale Real Estate Property in Odessa and the Odessa Region.

Activity principal views:
Sale of apartments and houses in Odessa.
Sale of commercial real estate 
Building of buildings, houses.

Management of real estate. Activity of agencies of real estate.

The organization of building of objects of real estate for sale or tenancy.

Tenancy of private real estate.     

1. We provide a full range engineering, design and civil work, including project documentation development, a binding of the concept of the projects developed by foreign designers to requirements of the state building rates of Ukraine.
2. We receive all necessary permissions and coordination.
3. Reception and optimization of specifications.
4. Carrying out of examination of projects, reception of allowing documents.
5. Carrying out and designing of engineering researches.
6. Tender documentation preparation.
7. Building.
8. Delivery of objects in operation.


From 2002 and before the world financial economic crisis which has mentioned Ukraine in the end of 2008, in Odessa building of multiroom housing estates of different level, from the house-keeper of a class to a VIP-class, with the price for 2007-2008 was strenuously conducted on: the house-keeper to a class – 800-900 US dollars for square meter; a business class – 1900 2500 US dollars for square meter; a VIP-class – 3000-5000 US dollars for square meter, a total area of offered habitation.

Delivery of apartments  in new housing estates, was spent without internal painting and decorating, only with connection to all communications and an accomplishment of territories, round constructed inhabited it is a lot of — condominiums. Each owner could apply on the taste any design decision, on furnish of the apartment and apartments.

For this period also individual private houses and protected inhabited cottage «small towns», with a total area of houses from 180-700 sq. m located on the ground areas from 200-2000 sq. m in a price range depending on a disctrict of the city of building from 230 000 US dollars to 15 000 000 US dollars strenuously were under construction.

In connection with approach of a financial economic crisis, absence of crediting in the market of real estate since 2009, building of the majority of large objects of real estate has been suspended.

Odessa is divided into four areas: Seaside area, the Kiev area, Malinovsky area and Suvorovsky area. The basic indicator of the price for real estate in Odessa is a site.
Prestigious and expensive disctrict of the city, at the prices for real estate, the Seaside area, in particular is: the French parkway, Arcady and city center. Basically it is housing estates the class and VIP-class business, located along coast of Black sea, having with apartments and apartments of complexes tremendous views of the sea and a city. Objects are located in the distance from travelers of highways, have the infrastructure, protection and uniform financial level of tenants of the given complexes.

These are housing estates: a VIP-class housing estate «the White Sail», business class housing estates «New Arcady», «the Crown New Arcadys», «Palmira»,
The VIP-complex «Ark Palas», 25 floor housing estate of a business class under the prospectus of Shevchenko near hydropark «Victory», a housing estate of a business class «Mercedes», houses of a VIP-class «Karkashadze» in the French Parkway, a housing estate of a business class of «Gefest».
On 2010-has begun 2011 of the price for housing estates in Seaside area have decreased almost on 35-40 % and make: a business class from 1200 dollars SSHA/for square meter of a total area of apartment or apartments without internally furnish to 1800 dollars for square meter; a VIP-class – from 2000 dollars for sq. m to 3500 dollars for sq. m.
The prices for apartments with European-quality repair in such complexes, executed with use of qualitative finishing materials, high quality design and, depending on a kind from windows of apartment or apartments – on the sea or a city, start from 2500 dollars for square meter.


The given housing estates remain popular and for today not only for citizens of Ukraine, but also for citizens of other countries as the political and economic situation in Ukraine and in the world hasn’t concerned strongly on business activity in Odessa. The basic buyers for 2010 and the beginning of 2011 on the given class of habitation are citizens of Russia, the USA and the countries of Western Europe, buying real estate both for the constant place of residence, and for seasonal residing or for real estate delivery in rent.
In other disctricts of the city the economy class housing estates which price makes for today from 600 dollars for sq. m to 850 dollars for sq. m in a condition of apartments without painting and decorating were under construction basically.
The majority of citizens of Ukraine preference give at real estate purchase in a segment of an economy class the prices on which have decreased on 50-60 % from a price level of 2007-2008.
In connection with developed political and economic astable conditions in the world, since 2010, especially from the countries of America and Europe the quantity of foreign citizens increases by real estate acquisition in our city.