Odessa investments partners


The company on real estate in Odessa and the Odessa area, INVESTORS GROUP, invites to mutually advantageous cooperation of the company and agency which directly work and render services on real estate field, investments, tourist services, building.

If you are interested in long-term, reliable, and mutually advantageous cooperation, and you are involved with the real estate market of Ukraine, including in Odessa and the Odessa area you, on behalf of our company INVESTORS GROUP, will find a reliable and skilled partner in real estate field in Odessa and the Odessa area.   

The company on real estate of INVESTORS GROUP offers:

· a wide choice of offers on sale of apartments and private houses in Odessa, different categories, to VIP-level, in different districts of the city;

· offers on real estate, directly from real estate development companies and leaders in the building market of Odessa and the Odessa area, at the prices and the conditions, favorable to potential buyers;

· commercial real estate offers, from offices to large industrial complexes and factories;

· the ground areas, for a commercial appointment, both in Odessa, and in most investment attractive areas of the Odessa area;

· the advantageous offers of resort real estate, from the ground areas to acting bases of rest and the hotels located at the coast of Black sea, both in the Odessa, and in resort areas of the Odessa area;

· advantageous offers on rent of apartments, private houses and apartments in mini-hotels, in the historical center of Odessa and a prestigious district of the city – Arcadia, — only it is direct from proprietors, objects of the given real estate;

· perspective and ready investment projects of different function;

· the analysis of profitableness of object of real estate or the project offered on the real estate market in Odessa and the Odessa area, for the potential investor.

The company on real estate of INVESTORS GROUP provides:

· the real and timely information on each required object of real estate, for successful and qualitative work on real estate market;

· complete legal support, from the moment of display of the chosen object of real estate, before signing and the notarial certificate of the purchase and sale contract, between the buyer and the seller;

· a guarantee of payment of intermediary services.

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