Luxury House for Sale in Odessa

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720 Sq.m. 4 Bedrooms 3 Bathrooms 2 Garages Print

Luxury House Sale Odessa, Ukraine.

We offer  luxury house for sale in Odessa Ukraine, combining some styles, built on the individual project with use of environmentally friendly building materials.

Expensively and comfortably. The luxury house is located in Odessa  park zone in 3 minutes on walk, to beaches on the coast of the Black Sea, around the Odessa Big Fountain. The first floor of the house in Odessa which is on sale is open for joint carrying out time and includes:

The integrated space of kitchen studio, with the allocated chimney zone in which the atmosphere, big windows with stained-glass windows, ceiling height in 7 meters and the going-down crystal chandelier with gilding and inserts of onyx is created.

The panoramic windows in kitchen — studios, allows to come to the well-planned terrace which is laid out by a tile travertine and to take pleasure in the dishes prepared on a for a barbecue. It is possible to come to the same terrace and from the pool.

—bedroom executed in country style;

— bathroom with shower with the German stone pallet and bathroom equipment of production France;

— the big furnished wardrobe;

— the garage heated on two cars;

— a pool zone (100 sq.m) with a sliding panoramic glazing and an exit to the terraces conducting to a barbecue or a green lawn;

Second floor Sale Luxury House in Odessa:

— a master bedroom with a panoramic windows, wardrobe and the spacious light bathroom which is fully completed by expensive bathroom equipment;

— two separate rooms with an exit to the general balcony;

— bathroom executed in light tones;

The first floor combines in itself:

—technical rooms: laundry place and utility rooms;

The room for the home theater, a spacious restroom with a sauna and separate bathrooms which it is possible to leave to the pool;
The furniture in the house from a natural tree made to order.
Bathroom equipment and kitchen equipment of the European producers.
Conditioning. Alarm system.

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