Odessa investment property, project in Ukraine

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For Sale $210,000.00 - Investment property

The exclusive investment offer in the market in Odessa, Ukraine.

Distinctive feature of the investment project «Floating Restaurant Frigate» is that this project is already partially incarnate in reality.
Uniqueness of this investment  property in Odessa,Ukraine, that «The floating restaurant frigate» combines all modern innovations of restaurant and banquet art, in combination with surprising appeal of the esthetic external design stylized under an ancient sailing vessel frigate.

t is at present already executed (according to the developed project):

the main case of a vessel is made.
ferroconcrete decks of a vessel are made.
the main stone partitions are made.
80% of the bot of a vessel are made and sewn up.
«The floating restaurant frigate» is constructed according to Rules of classification and construction of vessels of the Register of Navigation of Ukraine. The external decor of restaurant is executed on the basis of modern not self-propelled one hold of a pikhter of the DM type, with preservation of the strong case having double boards, a double bottom, форпик and ахтерик that does the ship — «frigate» absolutely reliable and steady.

Full displacement of a vessel is 1100 tons. «The floating restaurant frigate» is intended for operation at a mooring wall either in seaport, or in any river port, in a nonautonomous mode on power supply.

Simultaneous capacity of public places onboard «Floating restaurant frigate» — 430 places, including:

Main deck:
the central (main) hall — 170 places.
fodder hall – 40 places.
Main deck:
nasal hall – 20 places.
open part – 100 places.
fodder hall – 40 places.
The nasal bridge — 20 places.
The fodder bridge — 40 places.

Service personnel:

ship crew — 3 persons.
Waiters, cooks, etc. — 30 people.
Arrangement of premises of restaurant:

1 . Hold:
— warehouse, kitchen, rooms for the personnel are located.
— in fodder part, — there is a spacious toilet for visitors.
— in nasal part, — technical rooms and capacities.

2 . Main deck:
— the main spacious banquet room of restaurant is located.
— in fodder part, — cozy bar with panoramic windows.

3 . Main deck:
— in fodder part, — combines two cozy halls and a spacious summer platform overlooking a panoramic water smooth surface of the sea or the river.
— in nasal part, — a small VIP-hall with the spacious balcony opening on a nose of a vessel.

4 . Fodder and nasal bridges of a vessel – a magnificent place for survey of port and pleasure by skill of culinary specialists.
The internal decor of restaurant is possible in several types.
On a plan of authors, it is meant both in historical, and in neo-classical styles.

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