Sale, new 2-room Odessa Ukraine apartment, in new house.

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For Sale $93,000.00 - Apartments 2 room
1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Print

Apartment for sale with 1 bedroom, 2 room, is closer to the downtown Odessa Ukraine.

Sale 2-room, 1 bedroom cozy apartment near train station in new house Odessa Ukraine ZhK «Chudo Gorod»,
in the most low-apartment house of all complex.
In the apartment is available:
— bedroom;
— kitchen studio;
— the bathroom (is combined).
Rooms have regular shape. Solar, warm, beautiful. There is all furniture and household appliances. There is an equipped parking lot, the certain storeroom.

In the house is available:
— Pure well-groomed front door;
— protection;
— adequate silent neighbors;
— there are no rental apartments on the floor, there live only owners.

Nearby shopping center, supermarkets, school, kindergarten, square.

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