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Sale Land Plot — сommercial appointment 12,69 hectares (126900 square meters), in Odessa Ukraine.

 Sale Land Plot, area  in the city of Odessa (on road Odessa — Nikolaev) For building, operation and servicing trade — a warehouse of a complex, trading cent, storage facilities in Odessa Ukraine.

1. Sale Odessa Land Plot description:

— The main feature of placing of its Odessa region, Black sea and frontier economic — geographical an arrangement that provides areas, and through it and all country, ample opportunities of an exit on the world markets, international cooperation and foreign trade activities development.
The land is located at a crossroads of important international water highways — Danube, Dnestr, Dnepr.
Taking into account the developed transport infrastructure and a land transport network, the area has exclusively high transport — distribution and international transit potential which should be considered as the main indicator of economic development of edge.
The ground area, the total floor space of 12,690 hectares to be in the property at physical persons and is located in territory of Fontansky village council, Kominternovsky area, the Odessa area, concerns a seaside zone of a city of Odessa around an inhabited file of settlement Kotovskogo.

2. The status:
— The state acts on an ownership right, are given out on the basis of the order of Kominternovsky regional state administration of the Odessa area and registered in the Blotter of registration of the state acts on an ownership right on the earth and on the right of constant using by the earth.

3.Special-purpose designation this land Plot in Odessa Ukraine
— For building, operation and servicing of a trading-warehouse complex.
4. Place Ukraine land plot.
— The site in an industrial zone – Kulindorovsky industrial is located (it is characterized by the developed industrial infrastructure and directly adjoins to city border) from Odessa to a site – 4 km, from Uznii — 20 km, (the Nikolaev road).

Advantages this offer.
— The Nikolaev roud highway the unique well equipped highway leading on Nikolaev, Kherson, Mariupol, Donetsk. In the same industrial zone the following large industrial and civil enterprises «Interhim», «Odessa keramsit factory», the Odessa factory «Centrolit», «Odessvtormet», «Agrocold», «Metallobaza», Kulindorovskii industrial complex of bakeries, a number of the average and small enterprises specializing including on production, processing and storage of building designs and materials, metal and other, the motor transportation enterprises, platforms of storage and sorting of containers, railway repair crew, militian school, a polyclinic are located.
In immediate proximity from an offered site new hypermarkets of articles of food of a network «Tavrija-V» and network construction materials «the New line» are recently opened.
This land plot for sale has a quiet equal relief, concerns the second type of shrinkage with bearing capability of a ground of 1,67 kg/sm2 — 2,00 kg/sm2.
The size (the area of the ground area 126900 sq.), and the form – are convenient and not limiting possibility of various decisions of design-architectural decisions at building.
The site has good engineering — geological conditions, ground waters are on depth over 3 m, the dangerous natural phenomena aren’t revealed. Structures and зеленных aren’t present plantings, engineering — the transport structure is absent, but there are specifications подводки and connections to communications elektro — vodo — gas supply from the next autoenterprise (20 meters). On the one hand the site is adjoined by a line Odessa — Nikolaev, with another there passes a dirt road.
According to the data of the state ground cadastre, and on the basis of item 19 requirements, ч.ч. І, 2, item 20, item 65 of the Ground code of Ukraine, the ground area belongs to a category of the earths on the special-purpose designation — the earths of the industry, transport, communication, power, defense and other appointment (a code of the Ukrainian qualifier of target use of the earth – 3.4.).
Though, it agree the conclusions of Kominternovskii regional department of ground resources, on the ground area restrictions in use – the right of a lining and operation of linear communications extend, and also the conservation zone along the communication line (2 meters in both parties from a cable), along an underground line of a waterpipe (2 meters in both parties from a waterpipe) is established, lengthways LP – 20 kw (10 meters in both parties from extreme wires), pass all on site edge, without limiting its layout and free building.

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