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For Sale Call - Apartments 2 room
77 sq.m 1 Bedroom 1 Bathroom Print

Sale cool 2-room, 1 bedroom new apartment in Odessa Ukraine on the 8 Pearl.

We offer in Odessa Ukraine, for sale new, cool, 1 bedroom 2 room apartment with not standard planning in a new modern housing estate in Frantsuzsky Boulevard — the Eighth Pearl.

The housing estate the Eighth Pearl enters a uniform complex from the leased houses: the 7th and 9th Pearl, and under construction a housing estate the Nineteenth Pearl.
The protected 24 hours protected territory, video surveillance of public places as territories, and indoors.

Apartment, with total area of 76.9 sq.m is located on the 11th floor of a 23-storeyed complex, in the 1st section of three section houses.

Successful planning of the apartment allows to minimize re-planning if there is in it a need.

Spacious bedroom with a panoramic windows and view of the city and the Black sea. A drawing room with an angular panoramic window and an exit to a balcony. From kitchen there is an exit to a big loggia with a beautiful view of the sea, the city, the playground located in the yard of a complex.

price is 1200 us dollars for 1 sq.m

Additional information on inquiry.

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