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Sale Land in Odessa Ukraine

Land Plot for Sale in Odessa Ukraine
For Sale
$2,212,000.00 - Land Sale

Ukraine Land for Sale 6,32 hectares (63200 square meters), in Odessa Ukraine. 1. The land property  description: The offered land plot is on a line Kyiv…

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Odessa Ukraine Buy Land

Commercial property Land Sale for buy in Odessa
For Sale
$3,862,670.00 - Land Sale

For Buy, land 11,0362 hectares (110362 square meters) in Odessa Ukraine, commercial property. 1. The object description: Odessa – one of the main economic centers of…

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Land for sale Odessa region

Plot of land sale in Odessa Region
For Sale
$3,807,000.00 - Land Sale

Sale Land-Plot — сommercial appointment 12,69 hectares (126900 square meters), in Odessa Ukraine.  Sale Land Plot, the area in the city of Odessa (on-road Odessa —…

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12,69 hectares