Commercial real estate for sale in Odessa Ukraine

Commercial real estate for sale in Odessa Ukraine


Type of Commercial property Odessa Ukraine

If you are in search of commercial real estate property for buying or renting, our company in Odessa Ukraine, «INVESTORS GROUP», will assist you to search property of different categories. Our company offers services for individuals, private and for companies in search of the necessary real estate. In the database of our company a wide choice of the most different offers.

Types of commercial real estate in Odessa
In the market of the commercial real estate of Odessa it is possible to find such types of objects:
  • shops;
  • warehouses;
  • office rooms;
  • hotels;
  • industrial buildings;
  • the operating factories;
  • restaurants.
The «INVESTORS GROUP» company offers a full range of services in the sphere of commercial and production real estate:
  • rent;
  • sale;
  • operations with
  • commercial real estate in Odessa;
  • operations with the elite real estate in Odessa;
  • operations with the land plots in Odessa;
  • providing legal services and consultations.
On the cost of the commercial real estate in Odessa, influences:
Location. Then closer to the center, those, respectively, are more expensive.
Exit to the central streets. If a front part of an office or shop comes to the populous street, then it increases project costs.
Repair existence. This general rule is for all objects, not only for commercials.
Area and planning. The convenience of an arrangement of offices, form, and similar factors.
At the choice and formation of the cost of each concrete object, it is necessary to consider all the above-mentioned.
In all questions connected with buying or sale of commercial real estate property, our company has extensive experience and I am always glad to give help and support to the clients. With us you will be able favorably to buy or sell real estate in Odessa.