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Commercial real estate for sale in Odessa Ukraine

Commercial real estate for sale in Odessa Ukraine


Type of Commercial property Odessa Ukraine

We have commercial real estate property in Odessa Ukraine. Therefore, offers of various categories of commercial real estate as, for example, hotels and bases of rest, industrial both industrial complexes and bases, factories, warehouses and hangars, tank farms and the gas station, sites of commercial appointment, are investment attractive and favourable from the economic point of view. The given objects are located practically in immediate proximity to regional cent of the Odessa area — to the city of Odessa, in availability to large seaports of Odessa and Ilyichevsk, and hotels and bases of rest basically are located on the coast of the Black Sea coast of the Odessa area, or in the first line of Black sea. The investment potential of the Odessa area – advanced industrial area, isn’t settled, therefore appeal of commercial objects in the Odessa area for investors including the foreign companies, every year increases.

Fine and modern hotels, hotels and the bases of rest known to the entertaining and cultural centers, and also Odessa involves every year with the history which is known to inhabitants of other states, a considerable quantity of tourists, potential investors, not only from our country, but also from different corners of Globe. Development of tourist business in Odessa becomes every year attractive and profitable. Many want to live or have the business in Odessa or the Odessa area. For this purpose we are ready to give you interesting offers on sale of objects in different categories of commercial real estate.
Offers on sales of the buildings located in the historical center of Odessa and other disctricts of the city, really to use for the designated purpose your business.
We offer you the most interesting variants of the ground areas with the target commercial appointment, located both in city boundaries, and in suburb which are necessary for you for realization of your business projects.
For business which demands presence of warehouse or warehouse complexes, we suggest you to consider the objects of commercial real estate given on our site: warehouses and hangars of the different area in any part of the city of Odessa and the Odessa area.