Land selling

Land selling


Odessa commercial property — Land Sell.

We possess not only a big base of offers on selling Land in Odessa Ukraine, but also professional knowledge and experience of rendering services at purchase or land plot selling in the real estate market in Odessa and the Odessa region. Having used the services of our company in search of the necessary land plot in Odessa or in suburbs, the Odessa region, you will save not only the precious time and money, but also internal forces and vital energy which will be to you so necessary for the realization of your plans and projects on the got ground area. The Odessa Land plot is a fine place for realization of own architectural imagination, it is the direct harmony of the person and nature.

Sale of Land in Odessa – a possibility not only it is favorable and is perspective to enclose financial assets. Buying the land plot for the building of the apartment house directly in the city of Odessa, you remain in an environment of the developed infrastructure, and cultural-historical city center and in immediate proximity before your business and work. The most favorable disctricts of the city on ground area acquisition, for individual buildings, are the Odessa Seaside area These areas cover the historical city center of Odessa with small sites for individual buildings along the coast of Black sea. Since January, 1st, 2013 in Ukraine removal of the moratorium on agricultural purpose lands selling is supposed, therefore for those who directly is engaged in agriculture or plan to be engaged in that, will be pleasantly surprised by our offers on the sale of farms and the agricultural purpose earth in the Ukraine Odessa region.

Sale of land for commercial and agricultural purposes in Odessa Ukraine