Sale, Buy apartments Odessa Ukraine

Sale, Buy apartments Odessa Ukraine


Apartments Listings for Buy or Sale in Odessa Ukraine

We provide real estate services for sale or buy  apartments in Odessa Ukraine, including apartments in new under construction housing estates.The company on real estate in Odessa  INVESTORS GROUP— professionally renders services in sales of apartments on new under construction housing estates of Odessa, is direct from the builder, on conditions and the prices from the building companies. Buying apartment in new under construction a housing estate, you not only save the budget on each square meter of habitation, but also get pure aura of apartment in which you with love realize in it all architectural imaginations.

description on registration of real estate in Ukraine foreign citizens:

To buy real estate (apartments, houses, commercial objects) in Ukraine foreign citizens occurs as follows:

1. After a choice of object of real estate it is necessary to sign the preliminary contract of the purchase — sales and to pay the deposit (advance payment) to the seller who, as a rule, makes 5 percent from the sum of real cost of real estate. The given contract establishes term of registration of the transaction, including definitive date of signing of the basic contract — purchase and sale contracts. The given contract subscribes between the buyer and the seller in the presence of the notary, and is assured by the notary.

After signing of the basic contract of purchase and sale of real estate at the notary it is necessary to pay to the seller of the remained 95 percent from the sum of sale of real estate.

2. Further the subsequent registration of the contract of purchase and sale in state structures is necessary, at present is a city bureau of technical inventory  cities of Odessa.
3. For the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale in notary’s office at the notary it is necessary for foreign citizens to have the passport, the inquiry on assignment of identification number according to the State register of physical persons — tax bearers (the given inquiry can be received in tax inspection of Odessa), and also presence of the spouse (spouse) or granting of its (its) notarially certified consent to the conclusion of the planned transaction if the buyer — the foreign citizen consists officially in marriage.
Payment if to buy real estate in Ukraine:
According to the law of Ukraine «About the tax from incomes of physical persons», at sale of apartment, the garden house, the earth on which the house is constructed, the seller doesn’t pay the tax to the income at simultaneous performance of two conditions:
In — the first, the area of object of sale shouldn’t exceed 100 square meters, and in — the second, it should be the first sale of real estate for the seller this year.
If the area of object of sale is more than 100 square meters, the seller should pay the tax — 1 percent from the cost exceeding restriction of the area.
At a rate of 5 % of percent from cost of the sold property it is necessary to pay the tax to the proprietor of real estate who sells the real estate more than once a year or a ground of more norm established by article 121 of the Ground code of Ukraine he pays the tax on 5 % — й to the rate for such real estate, or is the proprietor of object of real estate of less than 3th years. The income of real estate sale is defined from the price of the contract of purchase and sale, but not below the estimated cost, the authorized law by body.
The tax agent is the notary who assures the corresponding contract in the presence of estimated cost of such real estate and the document on payment of the tax by the contract parties, and also gives the corresponding information in tax department.
Services of agency of real estate make 5 % of percent from a real project cost of real estate.
Notarial services at contract registration to buy — to sell look thus:

— The state tax for registration of the contract of purchase and sale — 1 percent from a project cost of the real estate specified in the contract of purchase and sale;

— Gathering in the Pension fund — 1 percent from a real estate project cost, except for the citizens getting habitation for the first time;

— Services of the notary according to individual tariffs.