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For Sale $5,500,000.00 - Land Sale
21.61 Hectar Print

Land-Plot, 21.61 Hectar, in Ukraine, on the route Odesa-Kyiv, about 12 km from Odessa.

Favorable offer for land sale in Odessa Ukraine, commercial appointment, placement of a logistic warehouse complex, the enterprise or large shopping mall (on analogs of Western Europe) on the route Odesa-Kyiv, in only 12 km from Odessa!

Odessa Land Sale, located from the facade on the route Odesa-Kyiv, is 12 km from Odessa and all in 1 km from the new industrial market under construction, Odessa region.
The total area of a site is 21.61 hectares. The state act with purpose: for construction, operation and service of a warehouse, office rooms, and wholesale trade.
Work is performed:

1 . The outline sketch of placement of the warehouse complex, including:

Placement of 2 warehouses:

total area — 94 844 sq.m

height of buildings — 14,50 sq.m

the area of a deep-freezing (-24 C0) — 10 328 sq.m

the area fresh production (4-8 C0) — 7 448 sq.m

the area of normal temperature (17 C0) — 65 876 sq.m

Office part — 6 416 sq.m
Charging station — 2 976 sq.m
Zone of processing of garbage — 1 812 sq.m
Parking for cars — 144 places
Parking for cargo cars — 71 places

Property permission documentation.

2 . Town-planning justification of placement of a logistic complex is received.

3 . Management of architecture and town-planning policy provided the Recommendation to the adoption of town-planning justification of placement of a logistic complex.

4 . The Order about the adoption of town-planning justification and providing permission to design and construction of a logistic complex (Belyaevsky RDA) is received

5 . The technical report of engineering-geological researches is received

6 . The technical report of engineering and geodetic researches is received

7 . The technical report on the georadar researches directed on identification and mapping of anomalies, characterizing emptiness in the thickness of limestones of a pontichesky circle of the Neogene on a platform of the building of a logistic warehouse in the village of Nerubaysk, the Belyaevsky region of Odessa region is received.

8 . The project concept is developed.

9 . The stage «P» is developed.

10 . An application is submitted to Ukrinvestekspertiza’s local office for consideration of the project of the stage «P».

11 . Specifications are received:

• Odessa Gaz TU gas supply and gasification

• THAT VMS • Preliminary TU Avtodor

• The act of engineering-geological inspection of the territory and the recommendation (TU) on the implementation of measures of its engineering protection against manifestations of unsafe geological processes

•  fire safety

•  design and connection of electro installations

• Option on a branch of drains (Infoksvodokanal)

Property Map

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