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For Sale $2,212,000.00 - Land Sale
6,32hectares Print

Ukraine Land for Sale 6,32 hectares (63200 square meters), in Odessa Ukraine.

1. The land property  description:
The offered land plot is on a line Kyiv — Odessa – the trunk main connecting Odessa with western and the central regions, Moldova and Romania, Belarus, is the recently reconstructed highway of the state value. Cargo transportation (over 30 000 cars) is the biggest for the lines leading to Odessa.
All site whole also is divided only by the state acts into 4 plots registered on one physical person and consist of 1,76 hectares, 1,78 hectares, 1,76 hectares, and 1 hectare.
2. The status:
— The state acts on an ownership right are given out on the basis of the order of Beljaevsky regional state administration of the Odessa area from October, 31st, 2006, and registered on November, 8th, 2006 in the Blotter of registration of the state acts on ownership right on the earth and on the right of constantly used by the earth.
3. A special-purpose designation: Under the building and operation of a production warehouse complex.

4. Advantages of an object: The land plot has good engineering — geological conditions, structures, and green plantings aren’t present, the engineering-transport structure is absent, but there are connection specifications to communications. Water supply is got on a site, electricity in 100 meters through a line, or together with gas from the next enterprises within 1 km.
According to the developed general layout of development of the city – the site soon will enter into city borders.
Opposite to a site to be authorized center «Mercedes», a building supermarket «New Line», repair base, warehouse complexes, including a class «And», the serving large international companies, auto refueling.
All counterparty from a line is already planned or built up by warehouses.
The site to be in the center of the file which is under the intensive commercial building, close doesn’t remain any agricultural plot.
This land plot has a front exit on two excellent roads: on the one hand, the site is adjoined by a line Kyiv-Odesa – 72 meters, with another the asphalted road – 425 m.
Through 1,5 km asphalted the road leads to several warehouse complexes and the industrial organizations equipped with gas, water, and electricity. To a Ry branch of the leader on the item Odessa-western – 700 m.
The nearest autorefuellings are opposite to a site and on the distance of 0,7 km and 1,4 km.
The Ry branch on the item of Usatovo to be 100 meters across the road:
The Ry branch at station Odessa — Western to be 2,2 km
To Ry station Usatovo – 3 km.

The transport bridge which is 1,5 kilometers, is an important traffic intersection – a place of crossing of the Odessa district road and the Kyiv line. From the bridge, motor transport can leave to Kyiv Ilyichevsk, Izmail, Reni, Kherson, Mykolaiv, Moldova, Donetsk, Dnepropetrovsk, and other cities. The biggest customs terminal in the area is 1 km closer to Odessa.
At the moment not less than ten routes of municipal transportation pass and stop 10 meters from a site.
The size (the area of the ground area 63200 sq.), and the form (a pentagon with 2-mja right angles) — are convenient and do not limit the possibility of various design-architectural decisions at the building.
Unique and very successful arrangement of a site – an industrial zone a railway junction of Usatovo, leaves on the Kyiv line, is directly on city border, the quiet relief, affinity of communications, absence of structures and green plantings – do a site ideal for the building of a hypermarket, the logistic center, industrial organization.
The nearest food supermarket to be in a city – in 10 km from a site, i.e. no wholesale shops on an entrance to Odesa on the Kyiv line up to the Odesa road service station – are present.
5. Distances:

Sign Odessa… 0 km
Line Kyiv — Odessa… 15 meters
Iron road line on the item of Usatovo… 100 meters
The customs terminal «6 km»… 1 km
The Odessa district road and Klevernyj the bridge… 1,5 km
The Ry item of Usatovo… 2 km
Ry branch on the item Odessa-western… 2,2 km
Road service station Odessa… 10 km
«7 km»… 12,8 km
The airport Odessa… 15 km
The Odessa seaport… 17 km
Railway station Odessa-main… 20 km
Ilyichevsk, Ilichevsky seaport… 30 km
The Southern… 35 km
Nikolaev… 131 km
Kyiv… 462 km

6. The offer:
— We suggest considering the possibility of purchasing a land plot at the price of 60 $./ 1 sq.m.

Real offers are considered!

The offered price: 2 212 000 US dollars

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