Odessa Arcadia Apartments

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Sale VIP 2 room apartments in Arcadia

For Sale
$202,500.00 - Odessa Arcadia Apartments

3 room 2 bedroom VIP apartments in Arcadia Odessa for Sale, total area 81 sq.m. Sale 2 room Arcadia Odessa apartment. Apartment for Sale located in…

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81 sq.m. 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Sale 2 bedroom apartment in Arcadia

For Sale
$220,000.00 - Odessa Arcadia Apartments

Fashionable 2 bedroom Arcadia Odessa apartment for Sale,with a sea view Offered to sale, new stylish 3 room, 2 bedroom Arcadia Odessa apartment, the total…

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93 Sq.m. 2 Bedrooms 1 Bathroom

Sale 3 room 2 bedroom Arcadia Apartment

Apartment in Arcadia Odessa for sale with 3 room,2 bedroom
For Sale
$105,000.00 - Odessa Arcadia Apartments

New 2 bedroom apartment for sale in Arcadia Odessa, total area 53 sq.m. The 3 room apartment in Odessa Arcadia sale, with the author’s design decision,…

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53 sq.m. 2 Bedrooms

Sale apartment in Arcadia Odessa 2 bedroom

Sale apartment in Odessa Arcadia Ukraine
For Sale
$202,000.00 - Odessa Arcadia Apartments

Sale Luxury 2 bedroom 2 bathrooms apartment in Arcadia Odessa, «White sail» — housing estate in Odessa. Sale stylish apartment in Odessa by the sea in…

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115 sq.m. 2 Bedrooms 2 Bathrooms